Applying for SSDI in Arizona

Your success in getting Social Security disability payments begins with your initial application. Applying for SSDI in Arizona isn’t easy, but getting it right is so important.

To receive SSD benefits, you must apply for them. Completing your application correctly can increase your chances of success.

The Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys discuss applying for SSDI in Arizona.

Applying for SSDI in Arizona

To receive SSDI benefits in Arizona, you must apply for them. The application process submits information to the Social Security Administration. The information you submit determines your rights to benefits. Benefits cannot begin until you apply.

How to Apply for SSDI in Arizona

There are three options for applying for SSDI in Arizona:

What is the easiest way to apply for Social Security disability in Arizona?

The easiest way to apply for Social Security disability in Arizona is online with the assistance of a Social Security disability attorney. When you apply online, you don’t have to wait for an appointment. Plus, with legal representation, you can make sure that the information you are providing is complete.

How Applying for SSDI Works

The application process is complicated, confusing, and if filed by Social Security alone or through an advocate service, it often may not have all of the required information in the format needed to gain an approved outcome.

How we help

When we help you file your SSD application you can rest assured that it will be accurate and appropriately formatted to provide the Social Security Administration a complete picture of your disabling condition for the best possible outcome.

Although Social Security does not have an online version of the SSI application, we will assist you with the process of making an appointment with Social Security to file for SSI, and, as your representative, we will begin working on your claim immediately after the Social Security Administration processes your SSI application.

We also provide you with a case manager who works alongside your attorney to help you every step of the way. Your case manager will be the contact person who deals directly with Social Security for you.

While your application is reviewed by the Disability Determinations Service (DDS), the agency that makes the decision on your claim, your case manager will contact your doctors and other treatment providers for statements to assist your case. Your case manager will also handle requests from the disability examiner reviewing your claim and will be proactive in obtaining documentation to maximize your chance of an approval.

There may be numerous deadlines to return paperwork, attend scheduled Social Security medical examinations, or provide additional information.

Your case manager will ensure you are aware of any appointments, assist you with completion of forms and establish a schedule to make sure requested documents are returned to the disability examiner in a timely manner. Other firms do not have a support staff large enough to provide you with this level of comprehensive service.

Why work with an attorney on your SSDI application?

The SSDI application process is lengthy and complex. Examiners make determinations based on the information that the applicant provides. If they don’t have the information they need, it can result in a denial of benefits. You may have to pursue appeals. There may be delays that could have been avoided.

When you work with an attorney on your SSDI application, you have an experienced professional on your side. We know what the examiners need to see because we’ve worked on thousands of cases. Our team can prepare and file your paperwork. We make sure to communicate the necessary information about your disability and qualification for benefits.

What Information Do You Need to Apply for Social Security Disability?

To apply for Social Security disability, you’ll provide the following information:

  • Your personal identifying information including your Social Security number, birth date and place of birth
  • Spouse and minor children information
  • Bank and financial account details for electronic deposit
  • Detailed medical information about illnesses, injuries and conditions
  • Medical treatment and care provider information
  • Employment and earnings information for the last two years
  • Employment history up to 15 years
  • Other benefit records including workers’ compensation, military benefit programs and the like

Documentation may be necessary including birth certificate, proof of immigration status, W-2s, medical records, workers’ compensation paperwork, and military discharge records.

Part of making an application successful is knowing exactly what must be provided. Missing information can stall an application or result in a denial. At the same time, the wrong information may be confusing to administrators. When you work with our attorneys as you are applying for SSDI in Arizona, we evaluate your situation and submit the needed information.

Why choose our experienced attorneys?

Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys is a team representing people throughout Arizona and beyond. We have helped more than 10,000 people with disability cases. It’s our goal to make your case a success.

Disability programs promise to be there when you need them, yet it can be difficult to receive benefits. Our law firm focuses exclusively on disability benefits. Having Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys on your side can mean the difference when you’re applying for SSDI in Arizona.

For a free consultation, and to start your case today, call or message our team.

Arizona Disability Application FAQs

How do I start disability in Arizona?

To start disability in Arizona, you determine your right to benefits and submit an application. The application includes your personal details, medical information, and earnings history. Once you submit your application, a claims representative will review it.

What happens after you apply for disability in Arizona?

After you apply for disability in Arizona, a claims examiner reviews your application. They may accept it, reject it, or ask for more information. It can take 3-5 months to receive a response on your application.

What is the first step in applying for SSDI in Arizona?

The first step in applying for SSDI in Arizona is gathering the information you need to apply. Then, you submit the information to the Social Security Administration by online application, by phone or at an appointment.

Should I just apply with an appointment at a disability office?

Remember that the person you meet with at a disability application appointment is not your advocate. They are there to collect the information, but they are neutral – they are not there to help you get your benefits. Having an attorney represent you ensures that you have a skilled professional on your side, advocating for you.

When should you apply for Social Security disability in Arizona?

Usually, it’s best to apply for Social Security disability in Arizona as soon as you become disabled. Benefits begin the first full month after you file your claim or when you become eligible for SSI, whichever is later. A waiting period may apply. That makes it advantageous to being your application as soon as your disability begins.

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