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Our knowledgeable SSDI lawyers for PTSD represent people seeking disability benefits. Let our experienced team help you with the process of claiming your payments. Contact Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys today.

If you have PTSD, you may receive Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, too many good claims are denied. Our SSDI lawyers understand how important it is for people suffering from PTSD to receive their benefits. We represent people in the entire claims process. Ask us for your consultation today.

Denied Social Security Disability for PTSD?

Has your Social Security Disability claim for PTSD been denied? Don’t give up! Our lawyers can represent you in a reconsideration request or an appeal. Let our experienced team evaluate why your claim was denied. We can determine what may be needed to make your case successful. Then, we can assist you in pursuing your benefits.

Social Security Disability is a benefit that you have earned with your work history. We want you to receive your benefits. If you have been denied, or if you are ready to apply for benefits for the first time, contact us for a free evaluation of your case.

PTSD and Qualifying for Social Security Disability Payments

Mental disorders are discussed in part 12 of the Social Security Blue Book Listings of Impairment – Part A. Trauma and stressor-related disorders are evaluated by Section 12.15. The applicant must provide medical documentation for PTSD and evidence of its impact on their life.

The applicant must medically document the following:

  • Exposure to actual or threatened harm – death, serious injury, or violence
  • Re-experiencing the traumatic event involuntary – flashbacks, dreams, or intrusive memories
  • Avoiding external reminders of the event
  • Mood and behavior disturbances
  • Reactivity and arousal increases – startled response, sleep disturbances

In addition, the applicant must demonstrate one of the following:

  • Extreme limitation of one, or marked limitation of two of the following:
    • Understanding and utilizing information
    • Social interaction
    • Maintaining pace or concentration
    • Managing personal behavior
  • Serious and persistent history of the illness, proven by the following:
    • A history of the illness for two years or more
    • Evidence of medical treatment, psychosocial supports, therapy, or a structured setting that diminishes the signs and symptoms of the mental disorder
    • Minimal capacity to adapt to the demands of daily life

A person who can meet these evidentiary requirements may qualify for Social Security Disability for PTSD. If a person has co-existing medical conditions or different symptoms, the person may show how their illness effectively equals a listing in the Blue Book.

How a Social Security Disability Lawyer for PTSD Can Help

Post-traumatic stress disorder is complex. It can impact all areas of your life and prevent you from working. Disability benefits can help. To receive them, you must present a clear picture of your medical condition and its impact on your ability to work. Gathering this information and explaining it in a clear way can be challenging.

Our PTSD lawyers know what claims examiners want to see. We understand the requirements for an application based on PTSD. Before we submit your application, we ensure that you have the needed evaluations, records, and factual evidence.

Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys represents people at all stages of the disability application process. You may be evaluating your options or preparing your initial application. Your case may need reconsideration or appeal. We are courtroom lawyers. We can represent you at any point in the application process and until your case is complete.

Free Consultation – Talk to our SSDI Lawyers for PTSD

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Disability Benefits for PTSD FAQs

Is it hard to get SSDI for PTSD?

Social Security Disability recognizes PTSD as a medical condition that may interfere with working. Not every case qualifies, and it may seem difficult to gather the evidence, medical and personal history required. Submitting a complete application with the needed proof can increase your chances of success.

How much SSDI will I get for PTSD?

The amount of SSDI you get for PTSD depends on your average earnings while working. The exact method for calculating how much depends on how long you have worked, and some lower-earning years may not be a part of the calculation. There is a maximum monthly amount that may be awarded.

How do you prove PTSD for SSDI?

To prove PTSD for SSDI, you need detailed medical evaluations and documentation. Witness statements from friends, neighbors, clergy, and family can explain how PTSD impacts your life and your ability to work.

Is PTSD in the SSDI Blue Book?

PTSD is in the SSDI Blue Book under Section 12.15, trauma and stressor-related disorders.

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