SSD Blue Book List of Impairments

The SSD Blue Book List of Impairments is what claims examiners rely on when they determine who qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits. The SSD Blue Book List of Impairments is a detailed medical guide that provides standards for evaluating disability benefits applications.

If you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the information the SSD Blue Book provides informs how claims examiners will review your application. Although created for medical professionals, it can be a helpful guide for preparing your application. When you know what information the claims examiners need to see, you can prepare the necessary supporting documentation to make your case a success.

About the SSA Disability Blue Book

What is the SSA Disability Blue Book?

The SSA Disability Blue Book is an official publication of the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is a list of medical impairments that qualify a person for SSDI or SSI disability benefits.

The Blue Book explains what medical illness, injuries and conditions meet the definition of disability for the purposes of Social Security benefit programs. For Social Security purposes, disability is a medical issue that prevents substantial gainful activity for one year or more or is likely to result in death.

What is the purpose of the SSA Disability Blue Book?

The SSA Disability Blue Book creates uniform standards for what qualifies as a disability. With guidance, claims can be adjudicated fairly by multiple claims examiners. Applicants can understand what medical conditions qualify and in what circumstances.

Parts of the SSA Disability Blue Book

The SSA Disability Blue Book is divided into three parts:

Part I – General Information – Provides information about disability programs and claims procedures

Part II – Evidentiary Requirements – Explains the evidence needed to support a claim including the necessary examinations and assessments.

Part III – Listing of Impairments – Contains detailed medical criteria for various body functions and systems.

Part III listing of impairments is divided into two parts. Part A is for adults. Part B is for children. The Blue Book is also called the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security.

Blue Book Impairment Categories – List of Disabilities for SSI

Within Part A of the Social Security Administration Blue Book are 14 different categories of listed impairments for adults. An applicant for Social Security disability benefits may make a claim based on any of the following categories:

1.00 – Musculoskeletal System: Back problems, spinal issues, muscle problems, osteoarthritis, and soft tissue injuries.

2.00 – Special Senses and Speech: Hearing loss, speech problems, and vision problems.

3.00 – Respiratory Disorders: Asthma, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other breathing issues.

4.00 – Cardiovascular System: A wide range of different heart problems.

5.00 – Digestive System: Many different gastrointestinal issues, including chronic liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

6.00 – Genitourinary Disorders: Kidney disease, bladder problems, and other unitary issues.

7.00 – Hematological Disorders: Medical issues related to the blood system.

8.00 – Skin Disorders: Burn injuries, skin infections, and other similar matters.

9.00 – Endocrine Disorders: Glandular disorders, including diabetes.

10.00 – Congenital Disorders that Affect Multiple Body Systems: Complex, multi-body system medical issues, including Down syndrome.

11.00 – Neurological Disorders: A wide array of neurological issues, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

12.00 – Mental Disorders: Certain mental health conditions can qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits.

13.00 – Cancer (Malignant Neoplastic Diseases): All body system cancers can potentially qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

14.00 – Immune System Disorders: Lupus, HIV/aids, and other immune system medical issues.

What If My Medical Problem Isn’t on the Disabling Conditions List?

Of course, the Blue Book Disability listings can’t possibly include every medical condition. Even if your medical problem isn’t on the SSA Disability Blue Book disabling conditions list, it is still possible to receive disability benefits.

You can show how your medical problem is equal to a listing. It is harder – you will need to explain how the impairment prevents you from working. However, it is still possible to qualify and receive benefits.

What To Know About the SSD Listing of Impairments

The SSD Listing of Impairments is written for medical professionals. The information in it is medically complex. Claims examiners reference it as they decide claims. It’s important to know that these published standards exist, and that they are used to decide disability applications.

By understanding the information in the Blue Book, you can use the listings to prepare your case. You can gather the medical evaluations and examinations that claims examiners are looking for.

Legal Help with the SSD Blue Book List of Impairments

Our Arizona disability attorneys at Pekas Smith understand the SSD Blue Book List of Impairments. We can help you prepare your application for disability, being mindful of the requirements in the listings and the evidence needed to make your case a success. If you have questions about the SSD Blue Book, contact us. We can assist with all aspects of your application and benefits claim.

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