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SSDI lawyers for depression may assist you in applying for Social Security Disability payments. Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys gather evidence, prepare your application and represent you through the entire process to receive your benefits. Contact our law firm today for a consultation about your case.

Lawyers for Depression Social Security Disability Benefits

Too many applications for Social Security Disability get denied. What can you do to make your claim successful? Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys has helped more than 10,000 people. We understand the requirements for claiming disability benefits based on depression.

Ways we help people include:

  • Determining if you qualify
  • Gathering medical and other factual evidence
  • Submitting your application
  • Addressing a request for more information
  • Asking for reconsideration or appealing, if necessary
  • Representing you in court

Start today with a free consultation with our legal team of disability lawyers. We represent people everywhere – throughout Arizona and beyond. Phone, virtual and in-person consultations are available.

Understanding Depression and Your Right to Benefits

According to the Columbia School of Public Health, about 10% of the population suffers from depression. If depression prevents you from working, you may qualify to receive Social Security Disability payments.

Depression is a mood disorder. It causes persistent feelings of sadness or loss of interest. It can impact day-to-day functioning. Disruptions may be physical, mental and emotional. Symptoms vary, often including sadness, anger, irritability, frustration, lack of interest in activities, poor sleep, low energy, feeling worthless and trouble concentrating. Depressive disorders impact a person’s entire well-being.

Section 12.04 of the Blue Book Listing of Impairments – Depressive, Bipolar and Related Disorders

Section 12.04 of the Listing of Impairments explains the standards for disability based on depression. First, a person must show that they have a depressive disorder. They must exhibit five or more characteristics relating to depression, including depressed mood, diminished interest in activities, psychomotor agitation or retardation, feeling guilt or worthlessness and other common symptoms of depression.

Then, an applicant must show limitation in functioning or a serious and persistent existence of the disorder over a two-year period. A limitation in function is an extreme limitation of one, or marked limitation of two, areas of mental function. This includes interpreting and applying information, social interaction, maintaining work pace or personal management.

To prove a serious and persistent existence of depression over two years, the person must show ongoing medical treatment that diminishes symptoms and a minimal capacity to adapt to changes and demands of daily life.

How do you prove your case for SSDI for depression?

To prove your case for SSDI for depression, you must present objective medical evidence from credible sources. Your symptoms, psychological history, medications, therapy and expected duration of symptoms may all be relevant. Medical and non-medical facts may explain how depression impacts your ability to function in a work setting. Examiners may consider rehabilitation programs and psychosocial support available to you.

In your application, it’s important to prepare a complete picture. That way, the examiners can fully understand how depression impacts your life and prevents you from working.

Combination of medical conditions

You may have other ailments in addition to depression. Examiners can consider those medical conditions, too. They can also look at whether your impairments are the functional equivalent of what is in a listing.

Our lawyers can evaluate your situation in the entirety to explain how your medical conditions prevent you from working. We can assist in preparing and presenting your claim for Social Security Disability for depression.

Talk to an SSDI Lawyer for Depression

Free consultations are available. Learn how to apply for disability for major depressive disorders. With our commitment to you and your interests, we can help you every step of the way. We are knowledgeable in appeals and courtroom procedures, so we can continue with your case to the highest levels.

Talk to Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys about how an SSDI lawyer for depression can help you. When depression doesn’t allow you to continue to work, you can claim the benefits that you have earned. Contact us today for a case review, and to start today.

Social Security Disability for Depression FAQs

Can you get SSDI payments for depression?

If your depression is severe enough that it limits the skills and abilities needed to work, it is possible to get SSDI payments for depression.

My SSDI application for depression has been denied! What can I do?

If your SSDI application for depression has been denied, you can ask for reconsideration and then appeal. It’s important to evaluate why the claim was unsuccessful and what additional information may be needed to reach a different result.

Why should I have a lawyer for a Social Security Disability case based on depression?

Having a depression diagnosis alone is insufficient to receive disability benefits. You must show how your depression inhibits your ability to work based on standards published by the Social Security Administration. An experienced lawyer understands these standards and can prepare your claim to satisfy the requirements for approval.

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