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Many people know that Social Security pays retirement benefits and helps workers who become disabled. However, there is another important program – the Disabled Adult Child program.

Social Security Benefits for Disabled Adult Children

The Disabled Adult Child program, or DAC, is for people who become disabled at an early age. When a disability arises before age 22, the person may not have enough of a work history to qualify based on their own earnings history. To receive benefits, you must meet qualifications requirements. An application is required.

Important things to know:

  • If you become disabled before age 22, you may receive Social Security benefits based on your parent’s earnings history.
  • The work requirement is waived when the onset of the disability is before age 22.
  • The same standards for determining disability apply to claims based on a parent’s earnings record. You must show that you are unable to perform substantial gainful activity with a disability expected to last one year or longer or result in death.
  • Claims examiners need to see detailed medical evidence to approve your claim.
  • A lawyer can assist you with the application process.
  • If your first application is denied, you may continue to pursue your case with reconsideration, appeals and a case in federal court.

When you need DAC benefits, you need them quickly. You need to know if you qualify and how to apply. Then, you need an experienced representative to assist you in the process of seeking your benefits.

That’s what you can expect from Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys. We are lawyers who understand what’s involved in claiming Disabled Adult Child benefits. We want you to have the payments you need and deserve.

About DAC Benefits

What can I receive in DAC benefits?

If you qualify for DAC benefits, the amount that you receive is based on your parent’s earnings history. You may receive half of your parent’s primary insurance amount that they would get if they received benefits at full retirement age. If the parent is deceased, you may receive three-fourths of your parent’s calculated amount.

What is the maximum amount that you can receive in disabled adult child benefits?

The maximum amount that a person can receive in disabled adult child benefits is $2,720 per month. The most possible a person can receive on their own earnings record is $3,627 as of 2023. A disabled adult child can receive half of that amount, or two-thirds if the parent is deceased, making the maximum amount a person can receive on DAC $2,720 per month.

Although $2,720 is the maximum a disabled adult child can receive, the average payment is less. Benefits may continue as long as the person remains disabled.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits Lawyers – FAQs

Can my disabled adult son or daughter draw on my Social Security?

Your son or daughter who becomes disabled before age 22 may draw Social Security benefits based on your earnings history.

Does a disabled adult child lose benefits if they get married?

Usually, a disabled adult child loses their benefits if they get married. An exception is if your spouse also receives benefits.

What are the standards for disability for a disabled adult child?

A person may show that they have an impairment in the Blue Book Listings of Impairments. They may also show that their medical condition is the equivalent of a listing.

Do you also get Medicare if you get Disabled Adult Child benefits?

Once you have received disabled adult child benefits for two years, you may also receive Medicare coverage.

Can you get Disabled Adult Child compensation if you live with your parents?

Yes. You can receive Disabled Adult Child benefits if you live with your parents.

Lawyers for Disabled Adult Child Benefits in Arizona

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