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At Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys, our Phoenix Supplemental Security Income attorneys work relentlessly to help people secure the maximum available disability benefits. With deep experience handling complex SSI claims, our law firm has recovered millions of dollars in financial compensation for our clients. If your SSI claim was denied or you have questions about the claims process, we can help. For a free, no obligation consultation with a top-rated Arizona SSI attorney, please call us at 7634459074 or contact us directly online.

An Overview of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is one of the two primary federal disability insurance programs. Unlike Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), there is no work history requirement for SSI claims. You may also hear SSI benefits referred to as Title 16 benefits. In order to qualify for SSI benefits, you must meet both medical and financial eligibility standards:

  • Disability Status: To get disability benefits through Social Security, an applicant must prove that they have a disabling medical condition. The disability test is similar for both SSI claims and SSDI claims. In bringing a successful SSI claim, an applicant needs comprehensive medical evidence that confirms the existence and severity of their disability.
  • Financial Need: Supplemental Security Income claims are subject to very strict financial eligibility standards. As SSI is a needs-based disability program, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will review an applicant’s income and financial resources. You can be denied SSI benefits on the grounds that your monthly income is too high.

An applicant who qualifies for Supplemental Security Income benefits—meaning they have satisfied the program’s medical requirements and financial requirements—will automatically qualify for Medicaid coverage through the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). If you have any questions about SSI benefits, Medicaid eligibility, or any related issue, contact our Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers for help.

Why are SSI Claims Denied in Arizona?

Unfortunately, many qualified applicants struggle to get Supplemental Security Income benefits. In fact, the SSA’s own data shows that a significant portion of initial claims are denied. Even a seemingly small problem with your application could result in a delay or an outright denial. Some common reasons why SSI claims are denied in Phoenix include:

  • Errors on the initial application for SSI benefits;
  • Lack of sufficient medical documentation;
  • Disputes over the medical records; and
  • A finding that the applicant’s income or financial resources are too high.

You Have the Right to Appeal an SSI Denial

It is important to emphasize that you have the right to file an appeal any type of Social Security disability denial. Regardless of why your initial SSI claim was denied, you are not out of options. There are several stages to the SSI appeals process, including:

  • Reconsideration: A reconsideration is a second, fresh review of your initial SSI application. You can and should submit additional supporting evidence and information at this stage.
  • Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge: If your SSI claim is denied on reconsideration, you can appeal the decision before an administrative law judge. It is imperative that you are properly prepared for this type of hearing. Our law firm has represented over 15,000 clients at administrative hearings in Arizona.
  • Appeals Council and/or Federal Litigation: If an administrative law judge rules against you, your SSI claim may be escalated to a hearing before a wider appeals council or to federal court.

With SSI appeals, you must act quickly. A proactive approach can be the difference between a successful resolution and further denials. If you received a denial letter from the SSA, contact an experienced Phoenix, AZ SSI attorney for immediate assistance.

You Can Trust the Phoenix SSI Attorneys at Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys

Supplemental Security Income claims are highly complex. If you have questions about your rights or your options, you are certainly not alone. At Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys, we know how to navigate the system and hold the SSA accountable for paying claims. When you reach out to our Phoenix office, you will have an opportunity to speak to an Arizona SSI lawyer who will:

  • Answer your questions and explain your options;
  • Gather all required documentation and complete the paperwork; and
  • Take whatever legal action is necessary to maximize your SSI benefits.

We handle every Supplemental Security Income claim with care, compassion, and personal attention. With a long record of testimonials from our clients, our Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers will keep you informed on the status of your claim every step of the way. As there is no fee unless we win your case, you do not have to worry about the cost of hiring a top SSI attorney.

Call Our Phoenix Supplemental Security Income Attorneys Today

At Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys, our Phoenix SSI lawyers are skilled, experienced advocates for people and families. We work hard to ensure that you get and maintain the financial support you deserve. If you need help getting Supplemental Security Income benefits, our attorneys are ready to get started on your case. Contact us at 7634459074 for a free, fully confidential consultation. We handle SSI claims and SSI appeals in Phoenix and throughout the surrounding communities in Maricopa County.

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