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We are experienced Disabled Adult Child Benefits lawyers serving Tucson. We represent children and families in disability claims. If you are a young adult who is unable to work because of a disability, financial help may be available through DAC benefits.

Knowing what benefits you deserve – and going through the steps to claim them – can seem like a daunting task. However, our lawyers can represent you in the entire process.

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Lawyers Serving Adults Aged 18-22 Seeking Disability Benefits

If you are between the ages of 18 and 22, you may qualify to receive adult child disability benefits.

Your disability may have begun before you were old enough to work. You may not have had time to establish a work history to claim benefits. However, through the adult child program, young adults may receive financial help.

Here is what our lawyers want you to know:

  • Young adults may receive disability benefits
  • A work history isn’t required
  • You must qualify to receive benefits
  • How you pursue the application and the information you provide determines the outcome of the case
  • We are lawyers serving adults aged 18-22, and we can represent you

A successful application is one that is complete and that meets the requirements of the program. It is presented clearly so that examiners can make the right decision as early in the case as possible. Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys provides full-service representation in adult child disability claims.

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Understanding Disabled Adult Child Benefits

What if a person becomes disabled early in life? What if they don’t have enough of a work history to qualify for disability benefits? Disabled Adult Child benefits can help.

A person may receive benefits through the Disabled Adult Child program if the following are true:

  • They are age 18 or older
  • Unmarried
  • A disability prevents them from working
  • Onset of the disability happened before age 22
  • Their parent is deceased, getting retirement benefits or on disability

The Social Security definition of disability applies to adult children as well. They must have a disability that prevents working for one year or more or that is likely to result in death.

If you don’t qualify for Disabled Adult Child benefits, you may qualify under another program, like disability benefits on your personal work history or Supplemental Security Income. As your lawyers, we can examine the possible options for your situation.

Social Security for Disabled Children Over 18

Receiving Social Security for a disabled child over the age of 18 begins with applying. You provide your personal information and documentation supporting your qualifications. Our lawyers can assist you from this very first, important step.

Even if you have already received an unfavorable decision, your case doesn’t have to be over. Our lawyers handle reconsideration requests and appeals. Whatever stage of the case, and whatever is needed, our team is here to serve you in Tucson and beyond.

Disabled Adult Child – FAQs

Who can qualify for Disabled Adult Child benefits?

A biological child, adopted child, stepchild, grandchild, or step-grandchild may qualify for Disabled Adult Child benefits.

Does the adult disabled child have to have a work history?

No. A disabled adult child doesn’t need a work history to qualify for benefits if the parent has a sufficient earnings record.

How much can the disabled child earn each month?

A disabled adult child may claim benefits if they do not have substantial earnings. The limit allowed rises each year. It is higher if you are blind.

What if the child already receives SSI? Are Disabled Adult Child benefits worth it?

Disabled Adult Child benefits may be higher than SSI payments. In addition, the person may receive healthcare assistance. It’s worth evaluating the situation to see what the best options are.

Can a person receiving Disabled Adult Child benefits get married?

Usually, marriage ends benefits for a Disabled Adult Child. However, there are some exceptions.

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The process to get and keep your benefits may not seem easy, but our professionals are here to make it understandable and convenient. We offer free consultations, and we can represent you at no cost unless you are successful in your claim.

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