When Should You Apply for Disability Benefits?

When you apply for disability benefits, the timing of your application is important. Apply too soon and you risk a …

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Why Do Disability Claims Take So Long?

If it seems like disability claims take a long time, it’s because it’s true. The average disability claim takes 200 …

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Can You Get Food Stamps While on Disability in Arizona?

When you have a disability, you need all the benefits that you may be entitled to. You may wonder if …

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Can You Get Disability for Blood Clots and Clotting Disorders?

When you have blood clots or a clotting disorder, you may be unable to work. You may wonder if you …

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Can You Go to School While on Disability?

You may want to go to school while you are on disability. Whether you currently receive SSDI or SSI, or …

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Does Getting Married Affect Social Security Disability Benefits?

You’re getting married. It’s an exciting time, but you may wonder how it affects your Social Security Disability benefits. Pekas …

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Can You Get Disability for a Blood Disorder?

Millions of Americans have blood disorders. For some of the millions of Americans with blood disorders, these conditions are often …

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Can You Go on Disability for Digestive Disorders?

For many of those who have digestive system disorders, their symptoms prevent them from working. You may wonder if it’s …

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What is Social Security Disability Back Pay?

What if you can’t apply for Social Security right away when you become disabled? What if your application takes a …

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Promising Signs that You’ll Be Approved for Disability

As you wait for a decision about your disability benefits, you may start to look for signs that your application …

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