How to Fill Out a Disability Function Report

A critical part of a Social Security Disability application is the Disability Function Report. It’s important to know how to fill out the Report.

Pekas Smith Disability Attorneys help people with disability applications. Our Arizona disability lawyers can help you complete a Disability Function Report as part of your disability claim.

What is the Social Security Disability Function Report?

Most applicants completing a Social Security Disability Function Report will complete Form SSA-3373 Function Report – Adult. It is the self-reporting form for adults. Children and third parties should complete other forms.

About disability function reports

A disability function report is a form used to provide information as part of a Social Security Disability application. The form allows the person to report how medical conditions limit the applicant’s daily activities and their ability to work. A function report may be used along with other evidence and materials to determine a person’s qualifications for disability benefits.

How do I fill out a function report for disability?

To fill out a function report for disability, complete each section of the report. Don’t leave anything blank, but it’s okay to say you don’t know or that something doesn’t apply. Use available space to explain any answers that may need clarification. The applicant should personally complete SSA-3373, while a third party may complete form SSA-3380-BK.

Note: There are additional forms for children. There are five different function report forms for children. The correct one to use depends on the age of the child.

Is a disability function report mandatory in all SSDI applications?

A disability function report may be required for your SSDI application. Claims examiners routinely request them, although they may not be necessary in every case, for example, if an application is based on a listed impairment.

Disability function report example

An example of a disability function report may be for a person who has chronic migraine headaches.

They may report that there are days they are unable to look at a computer or television screen.

Periodically, they may be unable to complete household tasks because of their medical condition. They may discuss intermittent but substantial impairment in meal preparation, housework, shopping and social activities. The details and explanations offered in their disability function report can explain why the person is unable to participate in gainful employment activity.

What Is Form SSA-3373 Used for?

Form SSA-3373 is used to gather information directly from the applicant regarding their daily living, functioning and ability to work. It self-reports information about functional limitations, daily activities, self-care, care of others and other tasks of living.

Who can complete Form SSA-3380?

Parties who may complete Form SSA-3380 may include:

  • Spouse
  • Relative
  • Neighbor
  • Friends
  • Pastor or clergy
  • Teacher
  • Employer

Others who can speak to the impact of your disability on daily functioning may be appropriate to complete Form SSA-3380.

What’s Included in an SSDI Function Report?

An SSDI Function Report includes the following:

  • Basic demographic information – name, Social Security number and phone number
  • Living situation – including type of residence and who you live with
  • Description of limitations – a section to explain, in narrative form, how your illnesses, injuries or conditions limit your ability to work
  • Daily activities – how you spend your days
  • Caretaking of others – any person you take care of, pet and animal care, people who help you care for others
  • Changes in activities – things you used to do before that you can’t do now because of your medical conditions
  • Sleep – how your medical problems affect your sleep
  • Personal care– assistance needed with personal care and medicine, meals, house and yard work
  • Mobility – including driving and other transit, shopping
  • Finances – managing personal finances
  • Social activity – hobbies, activities
  • Completing tasks – lifting, using your hands, following instructions, handling stress and managing fears
  • Assistance – use of walkers, wheelchairs and other aids
  • Medication – medicines you take and side effects
  • Remarks – comments and explanations you may wish to add, additional information that may not be covered elsewhere on the form

The Function Report is long – 10 pages. It’s meant to be a comprehensive look at how your medical condition impacts your life. At the end of the form, there’s a place to add anything else that is necessary to present a complete picture of your situation.

What Happens After a Function Report is Sent?

After a function report is sent, claims examiners will use it to determine your qualification for disability benefits. It is one part of the application, and claims examiners will determine how to weigh it along with other application materials.

What should I not say on a disability function report?

On a disability function report, you shouldn’t exaggerate or leave out information. A function report is your opportunity to communicate information about how your medical condition impacts your life. Don’t say that you have limitations you don’t have, because that will be inconsistent with other medical evidence. However, be aware of the limitations that you have.

Sometimes, limitations affect a person differently on different days. You may have some days that you’re able to function mostly normally. On other days, your medical condition may be disabling. It’s important to explain this so that claims examiners know why you can’t maintain gainful employment.

Can I get help completing a disability function report?

You can get legal help to fill out a disability function report. The information in the report can be critical to having your disability benefits approved. Having legal help to complete your documentation can help to make your application successful.

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